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11:11am on Sunday, 7th May, 2017:

Internet Dreams


I was woken up yesterday morning by the cooing of a pigeon outside (it sits on a bend in the downpipe from our roof guttering). Being woken up is one of the conditions that occasionally leads to one of my unbidden dreams. This is what happened yesterday.

Yeah, you don't need to read any further. Other people's dreams are never interesting. Still, my biographers in the future will want to know, so here we go...

This dream wasn't set in a place, it was just in my head. This is because I was trying to remember something: the name of a TV improvisation show. I kept being blocked by the wrong names — Have I got News for You, Who do you Think you are?, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue — so was having a hard time of it.

OK, well I knew I was in a dream and I knew it was because I was being woken up, so I knew that I'd only have to wait maybe a second or so real-time (a few minutes of dream-time) before I'd be awake and could go look it up on the Internet. I did still have some time to kill, though, and hit on an idea: how about I look up the name of the show on the Internet in my dream?

I remembered one of the performers on the show, Ryan Stiles, and figured I could pull up a Wikipedia screen for him and just read what it said about the TV shows he'd been in. This I did.

It started off fine, telling me he was Canadian-American actor and some other preliminary stuff, then it became nonsense. It parsed, in that it was English, it just didn't fit the topic (or indeed any topic). I actually remember thinking to myself, "Well this is no good, it's nonsense!". I was expecting it to be, though, because if I couldn't remember the name of a show then how could a mocked-up-by-me Wikipedia page have anything in it I couldn't remember anyway? It was all filler.


Just as I was on the point of dropping the image, I saw it: "... his appearances in the improvisational comedy show, Whose Line is it Anyway? ...".

Well that was freaky. I'll have to try it again sometime.

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