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5:08pm on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017:



Back when I was a teenager, I read an article in Games and Puzzles magazine about how to design your own Fantasy boardgame. I persuaded my brother and two friends to join in, and the result was Wizards and Heroes (which, because we couldn't spell, was initially Wizzards and Heros).

Yesterday, I dug out the three iterations of the board that have made it to the present day and took this photograph of them:

I figured that if I'm going to be overseeing groups of students making their own board games next week, I ought to show them what they look like. The one at the bottom is the original; the one top right is a photocopy of a portable one I made (which is now the worse for wear because the sticky tape on the back holding it together has perished). The one top left is the modern version, prepared using vector graphics software. They're all pretty much the same, although I didn't find the death track for the one top right until after I took this.

I still think the original is the best, though.

I wonder: how many of the students I'll be interacting with next week will have already made their own board games?

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