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12:05pm on Sunday, 1st January, 2017:



Ah, 2017. It doesn't seem a day since it was 2016.

This is the timne of year when I look back at the Google Analytics reports for QBlog and see how few people read it nowadays (mainly, I like to hope, because I cross-post to Google+ and Facebook, although only 106 people actually follow me on Facebook so I may be deluding myself there). In 2015, there were 31,003 visits (sessions); in 2016, there were 25,172. This is clearly because of all those celebrity readers who died.

By far the most popular post last year was one from May 8th, with a whopping 152 reads, was one on whether or not to let a faith healer faith-heal my shoulder. I've no idea why that was the hit it was. No other days had as many visits. Here's the trace:

I don't have enough reads on Google+ for any "most +1ed" metric to have much meaning. I can't tell which Facebook posts had the most likes/reactions without going through them manually.

Ah well, I'll carry on I suppose, if only because in 2019 I'll be able to say that we're as far away from the year 2000 problem as the year 2038 problem.

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