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10:21am on Sunday, 29th May, 2016:

Long Term


Suppose you're on an ocean liner crossing the Atlantic. A bunch of people want to jump into life boats and try to reach land. What do you tell them?

Well you can tell them that the food on the liner is much better than it is on a life boat. You can tell them that the entertainment is better. You can tell them they have no idea where they're going and have no idea of how to get there. You can tell them that after two weeks at sea, out on their own, life's going to be pretty grim.

The thing is, they know this. They'd have to be pretty stupid not to see it. However, if they think the ocean liner is going in the wrong direction and is going to hit an iceberg, they're still going to be better off in the lifeboats than if they stay aboard the ocean liner.

I'm getting increasingly frustrated at the relentlessly short-termist level of debate about the EU referendum. This is a decision that's going to affect our lives for decades to come.

I don't care if 600 economists tell me that the British economy will be worse if the UK leaves the EU. I want 600 economists to tell me that the EU isn't going to sink.

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