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3:49pm on Thursday, 28th July, 2016:

Catching 'em All


If you'd asked me two days ago what I would have been doing at 2:30pm today, I don't think I would have replied "Participating by phone in a discussion about Pokémon Go on the Islam Channel TV programme Asia Wired". Still, that's what happened.

Also in the discussion (well, it was more of a question-answering exercise) was Chris Bateman of Bolton University, whom I've known for quite a while but we've never met face-to-face. He sounds much better over the phone than I do, and his answers were far better than the meandering responses (punctuated by coughs) that I managed myself. If I were Islam Channel, I'd be inviting Chris back for future games-related pieces but I'd be deleting my own name from the contacts database.

Weirdly, before the recording they phoned me on my land line to make sure it was clear, which it was, then for the recording itself phoned me on my mobile.

The programme will be going out sometime on Sunday. I'm hoping Pokémon Go will still be a thing by then.

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