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6:24pm on Thursday, 26th May, 2016:



When you're installing a game off Steam and it's taking a while to download, you can pause the download and go to bed then pick it up again next day where it left off. This is standard for games, whether new ones or patches.

I started installing Windows 10 on my laptop yesterday at 4pm. By 11pm, it had finished the download (I was using my 1.8mbps Internet line, so it took awhile) but was "preparing installation"; I shut it down to go to bed, as I didn't want it asking me questions and timing out if it finished installing while I was asleep.

I restarted it at 10am this morning, and it began downloading everything from scratch. It's "preparing installation" now, over 8 hours later.

If games can do it properly, why can't operating systems?

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