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1:00pm on Tuesday, 24th May, 2016:

Small Cell


Whenever I go abroad, I take a second watch with me. I set this one to the time zone of the country I'm visiting and keep my normal watch on UK time.

When I sent to Sweden last week, my travel watch had stopped. It was working in Malaysia, so it must have stopped during the week. The thing is, this watch goes through batteries very quickly, which is one reason why I don't use it as my main watch. I often get it out ready to take on a trip and find I have to get the battery replaced.

Rather than pay someone to change the battery, on this occasion I thought I'd do it myself. Normally, the people who install watch batteries use a special tool to get the back off, and after they've replaced the battery they put the back on so tightly that you have to go to someone with a special tool to get it replaced next time the battery goes flat. This time, though, I decided I'd get the back off myself and improvised a removal tool using my long-nosed pliers and a vice.

Here's what the battery looks like, on top of a 1p piece for scale.

Well, I can see why I keep having to replace it. I'm surprised it has enough oomph to count the seconds, let alone turn the watch hands. It looks like something you have to buy on prescription and swallow with a gulp of water.

I bought the watch in Las Vegas, where famously the casinos don't have clocks on the wall so people lose track of time. I sense a conspiracy...

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