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1:16pm on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016:

Dondorf 25


I snagged some more playing cards for my collection. They're a little grubby and worse for wear, but here's a sample:

This is Dondorf's number 25 Kinder Spielkarten set, which has children as the face cards. I've been trying to get a pack for years, but they're normally quite pricey as they attract a wide range of interest, not just that of playing card collectors. This explains why the ones I managed to get are wash-your-hands-after-touching-them quality: if they weren't, I wouldn't have been able to afford them. As it was, I got them quite cheap (something like £11 instead of the usual £40+).

How old are they? Well this particular variant was manufactured 1880-1910, but the company added a GmbH to its name in 1906 that my deck doesn't have, so it's from between 1880 and 1905.

If I were that old, I'd probably be pretty grubby, too.

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