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11:05am on Saturday, 23rd July, 2016:



I was interviewed live at 11:30pm yesterday for W Radio Colombia. It was only 5:30pm in Colombia, hence the late hour (f0r me).

It was an odd experience, because of the translation aspect. An interviewer asked a question in Spanish; a translator translated it into English; I replied in English (trying not to use so many words that the translator lost track); he translated it into Spanish; the interviewer asked her next question.

The translator addressed me as "Mr Bartle"; I said he could just call me Richard, so he continued by addressing me as "Mr Bartle". I think politeness must be ingrained in Colombian culture (which is why I didn't say "That's Dr Bartle!").

The first question asked about why I created MUD. As always, I pointed out that it wasn't just me, it was Roy Trubshaw, too. I said we did it because we didn't like reality and wanted to create an improvement on it.

The second question seemed to me to be a rephrasing of the first. My answer was therefore pretty much a rephrasing of my earlier one, just with too much extra detail for the translator. Somehow, I neglected to say that MUD was about freedom, which might have made my answer a little clearer than it was...

The final question asked what I thought about World of Warcraft and Pokémon Go. I said I liked WoW but didn't see PoGo as sustaining its popularity for long; eventually, only hard-core players will be playing it. In her wrapping up, the interviewer (who could speak English perfectly well herself) said she hoped PoGo would eventually come to Colombia, then we went off air, said our goodbyes and that was the end of it.

I immediately went to bed and spent a night of suffering as I have a nasty cold that's making my nose come off.

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