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11:37am on Thursday, 22nd December, 2016:



Having been somewhat disappointed by Civilisation VI, I figured I'd go back to Civilisation V. However, I recalled that when I started Civilisation V I was disappointed with that, too. Therefore, a couple of days ago, I dug out my discs for Civilisation IV. After a quick patch to remove a requirement that I have the loading disc permanently in my CDROM drive (which uses a DLL that isn't supplied with Windows 10 because it no longer works) and I was up and running.

I've been having a blast! Civ4 is a much better game than either Civ5 or Civ6. It's not perfect by any means, but it has fewer major nonsensicalities and many more tactical options. I've played two games through on huge maps so far and am mid-way through my third.

I'm wondering if I should see if I can find my Civ3 discs now...

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