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5:46pm on Friday, 22nd January, 2016:

Catching Up


I was in London again today, this time on pleasure rather than business, to meet fellow virtual world pioneer Randy Farmer and his wife Pamela. Here they are:

We'd just spent a couple of hours three floors below ground, then I made them walk up the stairs to one floor above ground, so I'm quite pleased they don't look as if they want to kill me.

Randy's place in virtual world history is established by his creation (along with Chip Morningstar) of Habitat, the first graphical virtual world. From what he was saying, there's a chance that it could be resurrected as a living museum exhibit in the USA, which would be great. It's amazing to think that people who have their 31st birthday this year could be able to play something released in the year they were born.

Damn, I wish now I'd asked if the head-stealing scam would still work.

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