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5:21pm on Friday, 21st October, 2016:



I've given my presentation now at the Sweden Game Conference. It didn't go as badly as I feared given the time (the last talk of the last day), length (30 minutes) and subect matter (old white straight male talking about inclusivity), so I'll upload the slides when I get back. I don't think I managed to annoy too many people, except for the entire population of Thailand.

It's been a genuinely interesting conference: big enough to have lots of people to talk to, but not so big that no-one can bump into anyone by accident. I've had conversations with students, lecturers, developers, indies, CEOs of international companies, tech inventors, famous designers, financiers, and people I never found out what they did but they had opinions worth listening to. I'd certainly come back if I were invited again (despite never having mastered how to say "Skövde") (which would be much easier if the first three letters were pronounced the same as in "Skol").

Pro tip: if you want to talk about minorities without mentioning any actual minorities (whom you would invariably insult by making a well-intentioned remark that's actually a mis-step), talk about people who wear socks and people who don't wear socks. It seemed to work when I did it, anyway, although I guess I could have just struck lucky by finding an audience without any militant sock-wearers in it.

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