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9:48am on Sunday, 21st February, 2016:



We had our house cavity-wall insulated yesterday. We'd been meaning to have it done for years, but it looked to be a field dominated by rip-off companies. However, although we've lost money over the years fromn procrastinating, we gained it because in the end it was installed for free. The government forces electricity companies to spend some proportion of their income on cavity wall and loft insulation, and they're running out of candidate houses. They therefore offer the service for free, because they want to spend as much money on it as they can or they'll be fined for not spending enough money. It's even more wasteful than that: the electricity company that paid for our insulation isn't even our electricity company, it's one covering central England. The people they hired to do the insulation came from Northampton — it took them three hours to get here. They could therefore be paid for a full day, rather than the half day it would have cost if the electric company had hired someone local.

This explains why our house smells of PVA glue and there are small white polystyrene balls on the floor where the overflow pipe from the downstairs toilet cistern makes its way through the wall.

Out house doesn't feel any warmer this morning, but then it won't unless my wife turns up the thermostat on the heating.

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