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4:46pm on Tuesday, 20th September, 2016:



I was in London today to meet a friend visiting from California. We'd agreed to meet after lunch, so I had a posh burger on the way. However, he hadn't actually had lunch because of an earlier meeting. We therefore went to a restaurant where he had lunch and I had a dessert. However, he liked the look of my dessert so much that after he main course he ordered one himself. Not to be left looking out of place, I ordered a second, different dessert.

Oh man, am I stuffed! I thought I could easily put away two desserts, but it seems I can't. I can't see myself eating anything else today, or possibly for the rest of the week.

This isn't the only reason I didn't eat the spider that threw itself into my mouth as I was getting into my car, but it was a contributing factor.

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