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5:30pm on Monday, 20th June, 2016:

Things I Learned Today


Some of the things I learned today:

If you ask two sets of lawyers a simple question, you'll get three contradictory answers.

When you book flights, you should always check that the airport you depart from when leaving the country is the same as the one you arrive at when returning to the country.

The watch batteries in W H Samuel cost a quarter of the price of the watch I want to put them in.

Some of the celebrities Piers Morgan interviews are even more alarming than Piers Morgan.

The friction holding the plastic lid to the packaging for Sown and Grown four-grain muesli exerts less force than gravity does on a half-filled cannister of Sown and Grown four-grain muesli.

There's no such thing as a white, windowless C5 envelope in the Computer Science and Electronic Engineering stationery cupboard.

My wife will rather watch the episode of Game of Thrones she recorded at 2am than an England football match live.

These ads on Facebook trying to make me click on heart-attack medicines are putting me off Facebook.

MMO screenshots do not look good when scaled up 800%.

Baronness Warsi is an opportunist. Hmm, actually I already knew that.

The sooner you can replace gavelkind as a form of inheritance in Crusader Kings II, the better your chance of forming a decent-sized kingdom.

If you're going to buy €1,000, resign yourself to the fact that the pound will thereafter immediately rise 2% on the euro.

You don't need a customs form to send fudge and mustard to Germany from the UK.

No-one really knows where the phrase "put the mockers on it" comes from, but armchair etymologists tend to favour the Australian Jews theory.

You can't believe the sell-by date on Sainsbury's lettuce.

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