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4:59pm on Wednesday, 20th January, 2016:

Face Off


I spent a couple of hours today playing with the Black Desert character creation module, which is now available for download. There are three male character models and five female ones, which seem to be tied to character classes (warriors, wizards and berserkers are men; rangers, sorceresses, tamers, valkyries and witches are female). As character creation is one of the big selling points of Black Desert, I thought I ought to try it out.

Hmm, well it does allow you to go into crazy detail customising your avatar, but there's still an underlying look to them that doesn't go away (not that I'm complaining, I quite like it). Some of the editing features don't seem to do a great deal, and there always seems to be something that you want to do that it won't let you do. It does let you do a remarkable amount, though. Here's an example:

That's for the face, anyway. For the body, it's a different story. For starters, they really take the word "fantasy" to heart. This is the default body for the Valkyrie character model:

When I first saw that, I thought the camera was at a low angle, but it's not: that's how it looks full on, centred at about the navel. Those are ridiculously long legs! Yes, you can shorten them, but why do they start out with a shin bone longer than a thigh bone? Even after reducing everything to more human-like proportions, the head always seems too small. Also, the components you can change aren't as many and varied as with the face: no matter what you do to the lower leg, you're not going to be able to make those weak ankles look any stronger.

Another minor gripe is that you can't reload characters you have created earlier, and it takes a day to delete them. You can save all the avatar customisations and load them when you like, but you can't edit a character once you've created it. Also, don't bother choosing clothes for them because your choice will be ignored.

It does look a gorgeous game, though. I just hope they don't break it with their cash shop. However, given that the cash currency is the pearl and the developer is Pearl Abyss, I suspect the worse...

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