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9:09pm on Friday, 15th January, 2016:



I was in London today for an IGGI meeting (still time to apply, would-be PhDers!) held at the Digital Catapult offices in London and 101 Euston Road (or, as we computer scientists like to call it 5 Euston Road). It has some quite good views.

This one, which would be better if the sun wasn't shining on the window and in my eyes, is facing south. There are cranes everywhere.

This one is facing north, featuring the British Library.

The open square in front of it is to say, "Look, we're so well-endowed that we can afford to squander prime real estate in a square".

A one-day travelcard to London for a train arriving in London before 10am costs £59.20. I think I may have to try find out how to claim IGGI expenses sometime.

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