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4:57pm on Sunday, 13th November, 2016:

I Cracked


I cracked and tried another game of Civilisation IV. One of the designers I met at Project Horseshoe suggested that it wasn't so bad if you turned off all the victory conditions except for the score, as this meant you couldn't be blindsided by someone who's cornered a particular victory condition due to their civ's bonus abilities.

It is a bit more relaxing, but there are still problems. There's an area of about 20 hexes cut off by mountains that it's impossible to enter. Both continents (I chose a random continent map) touch both the poles along several hexes so fleets can't pass between the oceans. One attack on one city state has me perpetually branded as a warmonger, even though Spain took three of them and suffered no such consequences. Oh well.

Unfortunately, I'm at the point when I'm building a space launch facility and it's only turn 380 out of 500. I thought it was going to be out o 400, but apparently not. Finishing this may take awhile...

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