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8:47am on Monday, 13th June, 2016:



I went to see the Warcraft movie yesterday.

No way did that movie deserve the bad reviews it received! It was all set up for a sequel, and I'm pretty sure one or more will be forthcoming. Duncan Jones got it spot on, I thought. SF/Fantasy fans are going to lap this up regardless of what critics who don't like the fact that their medium is losing importance to another medium think. My wife, who has no knowledge of Warcraft lore, really enjoyed it.

There were a few subtle nods to the games, for those in the know. A quotation of music from WoW, the use of the sheep CC spell, (my particular favourite) the font used for subtitles. The plot in general followed the lore, but there were some minor differences in the details. Nothing to rant about, though.

All in all, pretty good in my opinion.

I wonder if those people who moved from regular seats to empty premier seats when the movie started were picked up by infra-red cameras and had to pay an excess when they left the cinema?

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