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1:41pm on Wednesday, 13th January, 2016:



I noticed a slow puncture in the front offside tyre of my car a couple of weeks ago. Today, I finally snapped and took it to Kwik Fit to get it fixed.

Here's a breakdown of the time it took to fit it.
05m Waiting for someone to come into reception to speak to me.
10m Waiting for them to do the paperwork so they could fix it.
75m Waiting for them to have a slot to fix it.
05m Fixing it.
30m "Waiting for the glue to set.".
15m Waiting for their computer system to process the job so I could pay.

Total: 2h 20m.

To be fair, it did only cost me £25 and they actual fitting was indeed kwik. It's just the rest of it that was a little slow...

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