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6:16pm on Thursday, 10th March, 2016:

New Mouse


My trusty Razer MMO mouse finally gave up on me earlier in the week. Mechanically it's still sound, but the glides on the bottom came off because the glue melted. It's usable, but I thought I'd better buy a replacement.

I'm now in possession of a Naga Chroma, the main USP of which seems to be its colour-changing LEDs. I'm more interested in the functionality, though, in particular the thumb buttons (which are going to take some getting used to as they're not positioned quite the same as the old mouse, but they have micro-switches so are much better to click) and the fact that the scroll button has a left/right movement to it that allows me to call up the configurator software while I'm playing a game. This means I can do things such as record mouse and keyboard movements in a game and assign them to a button.

I may need this in Black Desert as it happens, because despite having played an average of 6 hours a day since me pre-order came through, my main is still only level 21 as the levelling only comes from combat whereas I've been bashing every system that comes my way (those potato crates are best-sellers!).

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