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7:08pm on Monday, 9th May, 2016:



On the day we completed final-year project marking for 2015-16, we were told who we'd be supervising for 2016-17.

I'll have six final-year project supervisees next year. I put forward a bunch of topics, and the ones that students chose were:
- Spherical voxel sandbox
- CYOA tool and game (x2)
- Age of sail ship combat game
- Non-combat game based on a book (x2)

None of the students who were allocated my projects are from the UK, which says rather a lot either about the goals of the UK students taking the games degree or the way that students are allocated to projects.

So, I'm employed at the university part-time for something like 18 or 20 hours a week (my contract is rather vague). Each final-year project student is budgeted an hour of supervisory time each week. I also have two PhD students and two MSc students at an hour each per week. I have two weekly meetings to attend (one each for the two research programmes I'm involved with — which could extend to 3 hours for the one that's just started). This leaves me 8 hours to do the teaching (which was 9 hours per week last term).

It doesn't include marking, setting exam papers, interviewing prospective students, non-weekly meetings, updating lectures, external examining or performing any of the pieces of random admin that are thrown at me without warning bearing immediate deadlines.

I'm thinking that maybe those six final-year projects students are going to get either half an hour each or an hour together...

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