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11:20am on Sunday, 8th May, 2016:

Test of Faith


My left shoulder hasn't been in great shape for years, mainly because of the way I have to hold my arm using WASD for movement in MMOs.

Many years ago, an acquaintance suggested I try homeopathic medicine to fix it. He advised a particular remedy which he said would work. OK, so homeopathic medicine is scientific nonsense. It would only ever work as a placebo, but placeboes don't work if you know they're placeboes. So, should I have taken one of the pills or not? If I didn't take the pill, it would appear that I was either frightened it might work or that I was closed-minded. If I did take the pill, I would be giving credence to the notion that it was a valid remedy and supporting someone's dangerous delusion that it might work.

In Kuala Lumpur, one of the people I met noticed I had something wrong with my shoulder. He said he was a Christian and asked if I would let him pray to fix it. My views on faith healing are the same as my views on homeopathic medicine. So, should I have let him do his thing or not?

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