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3:50pm on Tuesday, 5th January, 2016:



A late Christmas card arrived today. It had only come about 40 miles, but had been manually franked (that is, someone had put a cross through the stamp with a pen) so I count myself lucky I got it at all.

I also got two cards that I myself had sent returned to me. One had been returned by the US Post Office for unspecified reasons (I suspect because they couldn't read the address after they stuck the immense "RETURN" label over it). The other had been returned by Royal Mail because "ADDRESS NO LONGER EXISTS". I hadn't realised that the pre-Christmas floods had devastated St Albans, but I guess they must have.

At least the card that arrived today gets to stand on the bookshelf for a day before it comes down on twelfth night. It's the poor ones that struggle through the snow and ice to arrive in February that I feel sorry for....

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