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3:01pm on Saturday, 3rd December, 2016:



To save us from having to buy the game, W H Smith's have a blow-up of the map for Monopoly: Colchester Edition in their window.

Here's a list of the properties, so you don't have to zoom in:
Colchester Zoo
Community Chest [St Helena Hospice]
The Roman Circus
Income Tax
Colchester Town Station
Dutch Quarter
Chance [Essex County Standard]
Hollytrees Museum
St Botolph's Priory
In Jail/Just Visiting
War Memorial
Colchester Electric Company
Mercury Theatre
Weston Homes Stadium
First Essex Buses
Culver Square Shopping Centre
Community Chest [East Anglian Daily Times]
High street
Free Parking
The Green Room at North Hill
Chance [Top Trump It]
Daily Gazette
Alter Ego Hair Design
Colchester North Station
Stagecoach Colchester
Moors Health & Beauty Salons
Colchester Water Works
Go to Jail
Littlegarth School
Holmwood House School
Community Chest [Action of the Wild]
Colchester Institute
TS Colne Light (LV16)
Chance [Dream 100 100.2fm]
Super Tax
Colchester Castle Museum

The presence of so many things on there I've never heard of, or have heard of but they're no great shakes, suggests that most of the manufacturers' profit comes from advertising income rather than sales.

I'm glad to see that non public utility stumped up any money so they had to invent a Colchester Electric Company and Water Works.

I'm also glad that the university stayed out of it, given that Monopoly has probably put more people off board games than any other single factor.

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