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8:29am on Friday, 3rd June, 2016:



It was my CE217 exam yesterday. I'll be able to pick up the scripts to mark this morning. They have to be returned first thing on Monday so they can be checked.

I reckon I'll have about 6 hours to mark them today, plus another 6 tomorrow and another 6 on Sunday. Let's say 20 hours. There are 49 students registered for the exam. Let's call it 50.

So, 20 hours to mark 50 papers is like 2 hours for 5 papers, so 120 minutes for 5 papers, so about 25 minutes per paper. Each paper has 5 questions on it, so I have 5 minutes to mark each answer on each paper.

These papers are not going to be marked well.

The Warcraft movie is going to have to wait another week, I think.

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