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7:34am on Friday, 1st July, 2016:



I'm sitting here at Luton Airport, which is rather at the low end of the UK airport experience. A two-minute silence has just started, so we can remember all the people who died at the Somme (or at least those of us in the areas where the public address system works can) (and those of us who understand English and are over the age of 10 might).

We had to take a taxi to get to the airport. Ordinarily I'd drive here myself, but when I was in the process of booking a car park slot I discovered that we're flying out from Luton but flying back to Gatwick. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, as we were actually alert to the fact that there was the possibility of having two airports, so were actively trying to avoid the situation. I blame the web site.

The two minutes of silence are over now. There's no perceptible difference in noise from when they were in operation.

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