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1:13pm on Tuesday, 31st March, 2015:



My younger daughter came across a toddler yesterday with the name Daenerys.

If you ask me, it's a bit of a risk naming your daughter after a character in an unfinished series of books. Sure Daenerys Targaryen may be an admirable figure in Game of Thrones right now, but for all we know she's going to flip her lid and rain flaming dragon breath on a hundred thousand innocents while laughing with glee.

I'd say it was probably better to name your child after a character who's already dead so you know what you're getting, but even then they might get white-walkered and come back all icky and oozing.

My advice: choose something from a book by a now-dead author. You're probably safe calling your daughter Éowyn — at least until we get a mass-murderer in real life with the same name.

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