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3:47pm on Sunday, 30th August, 2015:



My Windows 10 experience is going downhill. I can't persuade it to accept that my printer is also a scanner, the menu bar in my image-processing software is white (as is the lettering on it) and the Start button no longer works.

In attempting to fix the Start button, I discovered that Windows 10 had managed to corrupt one of its own files. To fix it, you can download the correct file via Windows Update, but that only works if Windows Update knows what file to replace. It doesn't.

I figured that enough is enough to reinstalled Windows 7. Well, I tried to: it complained about being unable to access a file and told me to switch off my anti-virus software. I did that and it told me again. I shut the whole anti-virus system down and tried again, and got the same result.

Great. Windows 10 breaks itself then can't even do a system restore of Windows 7. I'm stuck with it.

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