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2:05pm on Friday, 30th January, 2015:

Red Button


I was walking back to my car in Colchester at lunchtime and passed one of those machine that contain a pile of toys and a grabber. You move the grabber around with controls and press a big, red button to make it descend. Your hope is that you'll get a toy. Your expectation is that it would take a miracle.

At this machine saw a mother with her 3-year-old-or-so son. She was moving the crane around trying to win a teddy. However, when you're 3 a big, red button is a BIG, RED BUTTON: he gleefully slammed his hand down on it, much to his mother's despair. "No, no, what have you done? I don't have any more coins, I — oh."

Well yes, of course the grabber descended and picked up a teddy which it dutifully deposited in the retrieval bin.

When you see things like that and think, "what was the chance that would happen?", the answer is always 100%.

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