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5:17pm on Thursday, 29th October, 2015:



The road near the bridge over the A12 has sunk in a couple of places, so the council has got around to fixing it. This diagram illustrates what the road surface looks like in profile (ie. you would drive your car from the left to the right with its wheels on the lines).

The black line shows what the road was like before the repair. You went along, then suddenly there was a "whoah!" sweep down and back up. The red line show what it's like now: the swoop is little better and there are two major judders in it where the repair picks up on the way down the swoop. Why they didn't just level it so the swoop was completely gone is a mystery.

Why they didn't repair the swoop on the other side of the bridge as well is also a mystery, but I'm glad they didn't...

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