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11:09pm on Wednesday, 25th November, 2015:



We took the IGGI students out for a meal this evening. We were going to have it at the Siege House, close to where the students are staying in Colchester. However, the Siege House didn't answer any calls and didn't check their messages, so instead we booked it at the Bakehouse in Wivenhoe. This isn't so close to where the students are staying. However, it's on the same bus route as the university, so they knew how to get there.

Well they did, but the bus driver didn't. Neither did I. The reason is that roadworks appeared between the university and Wivenhoe.

Some 7,000 people live in Wivenhoe, and the main road into the place is currently closed. You can get out by driving through a residential estate with a warren of streets all at odd angles to each other (to discourage joyriding) or you can go down narrow country lanes and hope no-one is coming in the opposite direction. I did the latter to get to the Bakehouse and the former on the way back.

No-one seems to know why the roadworks are there, but the consensus seems to be "because they can be".

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