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11:02am on Sunday, 25th October, 2015:



I don't buy the Essex County Standard every week, but do on occasion (especially when they have a front-page headline like the one it boasts at the moment: "PATIENT IN RAW SEWAGE LEAK HORROR: Man in hospital bed left covered in human waste after ceiling collapse").

One of the endearing idiosyncracies of the ECS is its love of the word "revamp". It's as if the term has been sponsored, and every time they can get it into a headline they earn some money. They managed to sneak three into headlines this week:

I've been spotting this word in headlines for a decade and it shows no sign of falling out of favour. It must be in the style guide or something: "if you can't think of an unimaginative pun, use the word 'revamp'".

They used the exact same photo of a woman on pages 1, 37 and 43, too.

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