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2:53pm on Thursday, 24th September, 2015:

Initial Problem


I've just spent 20 minutes waiting for a parking permit for the new term. This gave me ample time to try figure out what the tattoo on the back of the neck of the guy in front of me said. It was 3 letters long, starting with M and ending in B. The middle letter, though, well, it could have been a fancy C, a fancy O, a muddled E or an @.

Eventually, I decided it was probably a C, because there was an ever-so-small gap in the circumference. It could still have been an @, but he didn't look the type of person who had technology at the centre of his life.

Oh, and here's a quick tip, Estates and Management Section: if you were to spend half an hour putting parking permits in alphabetical order, you wouldn't need to spend 10 minutes per customer looking for each one using a linear search. Just saying...

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