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3:21pm on Saturday, 24th January, 2015:

Doing What?


I went to the university today to see how the IGGI doctoral students are doing in the Global Game Jam. The topic this year is the easy-to-reskin-something-you-did-earlier "What do we do now?". The students organised themselves in three groups of four, with the games they are designing best summarised as "What do WE do now?", "What do we DO now?" and "What do we do NOW?".

I had planned to arrive just after the students had finished lunch at about 1:30, but actually arrived when they were just starting lunch at about 1:30... Oh well, having two lunches on the same day never hurt me before.

When I read final-year student project reports, nine times out of ten the student will say that they chose to implement their program in whatever language they used because it's the language they're most familiar with. For these IGGI students, all of them could program in C++ and none of them had experience in using Unity. They therefore decided to implement their games in the game jam using Unity.

That's one of the differences between most PhD students and most BSc students right there.

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