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6:11pm on Monday, 23rd November, 2015:

The Future


I've been playing Railroad Tycoon III recently. OK, so it may date from 2003, but a good game is a good game.

Some of the scenarios in the game are set in the future. Well, the future from the perspective of 2003, anyway. In the same way that books and movies set their content in the future and then the future eventually arrives, the same things happens in games. Here's what RR3 thought the trains would be like in 2015:

The E-88 below it can go at 300mph. That's not something we're likely to see on British rail lines any time soon.

OK, so the game also had half the landmass of Europe under water from global warming by now, too, so I'm not entirely disappointed that its predictions weren't borne out by reality.

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