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2:56pm on Thursday, 22nd October, 2015:

Extra Credits


Last week, there was a piece released on the popular Extra Credits video lesson series about Player Type theory. I didn't mention it at the time as a second part to it was promised for this week and I figured I should maybe listen to that as well before making any comment.

So, here are the videos.
Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

I'm used to people completely misunderstanding Player Type theory, so much so that I've given talks and written book chapters about it. It therefore came as something of a surprise to learn that Extra Credits ... gets it. I can't really fault anything they say about Player Types in those videos. This is entirely confusing, as I feel I should be nit-picking it, but there's really nothing to gripe about, they nailed it. I'll probably be showing the videos to my students so I can relax and look cool for 10 minutes in my lectures.

OK, so I will complain about the end, though. That's Dr Bartle.

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