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12:13pm on Thursday, 21st May, 2015:

One in the Eye


Two days ago, I got a call from Essex County Hospital saying that I had an eye appointment today at 11am. It seems they don't like to give a lot of warning.

Fortunately, I only had one meeting today (a supervisory meeting with my PhD student) which I was able to cancel (sorry, Joseph). I showed up 30 minutes early for my appointment, because they have some processing to do before you go under the knife.

This is the third time I've been to the hospital to get eyelid cysts looked at. The first time, I was told it was just a consultancy to see if surgery was needed, but the consultant whipped the cyst out there and then. The second time, I was told it was just a consultancy to see if surgery was needed, but it was no such thing and I had to wait around then have a full-blown eyelid operation. This time, I was told I'd be having surgery but when I spoke to the consultant it turned out just to be a consultancy to see if I needed it.

His verdict was that I was running low on tear glands so I should aim to avoid having the surgery if at all possible. He gave me some cream that ought to take the cysts down, which is worth a shot I suppose but it's anti-bacterial and I already tried that back in December. The consultant said that if it didn't get rid of the cysts in 2-3 months I should contact my GP to ask for an an appointment to have the cysts surgically removed. I told him I'd waited long enough already and wanted to go on the waiting list for surgery right now. That way, if the cream doesn't work then I'll be under the knife 3 months from now rather than 6. Surprisingly, the consultant acquiesced to this, so long as I contact the hospital in the event that the cream works.

So, it looks as if I'll continue to have an unsightly lump under my right eye for a while yet.

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