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4:36pm on Tuesday, 20th October, 2015:



They've resurfaced the road I live down:

We were told that we'd be unable to use the road for 30 minutes. This may well have been true, but as they blocked off the ends of the road for five times that long it didn't really help me to know that.

We were told via the device of a note through our letterbox that the road would be resurfaced 8-9 October and that we shouldn't park on it. These dates came and went with no comment. We were then told 16 October. On 16 October, a van came round sticking a 20 over the 16 on the sign. Then, over the weekend, the sticker with the 20 was removed and a 19 was sprayed onto it. This is what the sign looked like yesterday:

New stickers came back yesterday saying 20. It would seem that 20 was correct, so now we can park on our road again.

Sadly, Britain is insufficiently corrupt for me to be able to slip the workers a tenner for them to do my drive while they were at it.

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