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3:20pm on Saturday, 19th December, 2015:



The way I'd planned the layout of my up-coming books, with a struct regime on where articles could start and end, there were going to be gaps. To fill these gaps, I built a collection of short thoughts, observations, comments and provocations to use as fillers. I wound up with 333 of them in total, all ready to be scattered around to disrupt expectations and make reading more episodic and game-like than normal for books.

It turned out that the new format had no need for them as fillers (well, it might have had a need for them but it wasn't going to get them). This means I have 333 of these things and nothing to do with them. To give you an impression of what they're like, these are the first ten (by number; they wouldn't have appeared in this order):

Of people who play MMOs for fun, only politician-type players actually think about community.
Reality is procedurally generated.
Is concealing the art of MMO design from players itself part of that art?
If players don't change, they're not having fun.
The entire concept of MMOs is being nerfed before our eyes.
I don't care if people want bland; I care if their desire for blandness prevents me from seeing awe.
Theories need whys, not just whats.
Text and graphics are different, but the underlying worlds are the same.
Body language is important, but you don't need an avatar to have a body.
People have different imaginations - that's one of the beauties of it.

Maybe I should just tweet them. I know I have a Twitter account lying around somewhere...

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