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6:22pm on Friday, 18th September, 2015:

IGGI Symposium


This week was the annual symposium for the IGGI Doctoral Training Centre for games and AI, operated jointly by Essex University, York University and Goldsmiths College (University of London). Last year it was in York; this year it was our turn.

We had lots of interesting speakers, including our students (who were limited to 3 minutes each, which is just as well as there are 24 of them). However, rather than ramble on about arcane AI topics, I'm just going to show you this:

Those are 3D printouts of characters from SkySaga. OK, so these ones are 8 inches tall and cost several hundred quid each, but if they were 2 inches tall they'd be a lot cheaper — I'd certainly buy one of my character (I started playing again 2 weeks ago when they reset the database again). I've long wanted to be able to buy 3D printouts of my MMO characters, and with the price of 3D printers coming down all the time I'm hoping that it will soon be A Thing.

The reason that I've mentioned SkySaga here and none of the other games that were discussed over the past three days has nothing to do with the fact that Philip Oliver gave out swag at the end of the talk about SkySaga's AI and I managed to get a rather swanky mug out of it.

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