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7:37am on Monday, 18th May, 2015:

Pillars of Eternity


I finished playing Pillars of Eternity yesterday. It's a modern take on Baldur's Gate style games, and I really quite enjoyed it. It was exactly the kind of game I was looking for when I started, so thanks to the people who recommended it.

I played it on normal difficulty. It started out fine, then after a while it got hard — really hard. I was having to rest my party between every fight, and the fights just got harder and harder. I soldiered on, though, levelling up painfully slowly because I wasn't really completing many quests (which is where the bulk of experience points come from in the game). I kept running out of camping gear and the shops were low on stocks. All the locks were too hard to open and I kept running out of lockpicks, too. It was uncompromising, with no respite. I was glad I hadn't picked difficult mode if it was this heavy-going in normal mode.

Then, it suddenly got trivially easy. My character could solo hordes of enemies. Boss fights were laughable. Every lock could be opened with ease. A single arrow shot would down a front-line fighter. Mind-control creatures that had given me major pain were ineffective.

Maybe next time I'll visit the areas in the order they were designed to be visited.

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