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12:05pm on Sunday, 15th March, 2015:



When I returned to the tea chest in the attic today, looking for more MUSE Ltd signs as apparently they're in demand (I found another three), I came across this:

It's a game called Trailblazer, which Boardgamegeek knows a little about but I didn't know even existed. It's not a good game — basically Hangman played with city names and a spinner — but it does have something a little different about it.

The hint comes from the front page (which for reasons of unfolding it, is the rightmost A4 panel from the colour-printed side). Trailblazer is described as being a "card/board game". It's intended to be a greeting card that doubles up as a board game. Inside, it has a "To: ... Message: ... From: ..." section. Sadly, to write on this you'd have to remove the cellophane wrapping which would cause the counters to fall out, so they didn't really think it through.

It's a shame the idea didn't take off, but even if the game had been worth playing it probably wouldn't have. Maybe it could have found a niche if they'd themed it for particular occasions (18th birthday, passing exams, Valentine's Day, Christmas, ...), but a generic card was never going to work.

I now have to decide what to do with it. I'm loathe to throw out a game because, well, it's a game. However, it's a game that sucks. I doubt there's a market for it, so there's no point putting it on eBay, "still in its original wrapping" or not.

Is there a collector out there who could give it a good home?

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