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6:47pm on Monday, 14th December, 2015:



The multi-storey car park I use in Colchester went from pay-when-you-leave to pay-and-display earlier this year. When I parked there today, I saw two consequences of this, one of which I expected and one of which I didn't.

The expected one was that more cars were allowed into the car park than there are spaces for them, what with its being the Christmas shopping period and all. There must have been thirty cars driving around looking for a parking place, with more arriving all the time as the drivers didn't know the place was full. When there were barriers, they did know, because those cars were queueing up out of the exit and onto the main road.

The unexpected thing was that some woman with a lot of shopping had taken a taxi from (I guess) somewhere else in Colchester town centre to the top floor of the car park so she didn't have to carry all her bags to her car. The taxi wouldn't have to pay to get through a barrier, so I guess it makes an odd kind of sense.

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