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6:07pm on Thursday, 12th November, 2015:



I have a book called Verse and Worse that once belonged to my maternal grandfather. It has a stamp in it from Grove Academy Library, Dundee, and how it found its way to a village in West Yorkshire in a mystery. I kept it entirely because it contains the following poem:

I don't know anything about Captain Hamish Blair, but the Internet seems to think he was stationed at Scapa Flow in World War 2.

There's no date in the book, but Amazon sells first editions from 1952. Given that the above poem appears in a section unself-consciously called "Queer People" and numbers among its other sections "Gay but Wistful" and "Grave Shades from the Churchyard Gaze On Gay Graves that the Churchyard Shades", that sounds about right.

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