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6:09pm on Tuesday, 11th August, 2015:



My interview this afternoon was at the offices of the Spanish newspaper El Pais. Although it's just one of a series of interveiws conducted for the newspaper, this is the first occasion where the interview has taken place on the newspaper's premises.

BEfore the interview, even I was aware that El Pais is a large and important Spanish newspaper. This turned out to have consequences. The newspaper floods itsoffices with a radio frequency dampening field, so people can't plant listening devices or remote-controlled bombs. They also can't use radio microphones for interviews.

After an hour of trying different technical solutions which also failed because of the field, we had to do the interview with a chap holding a sound recorder with its own built-in microphone just out of shot.

We might have given up even earlier if we hadn't been trying to find the one guy in the whole building who had the ability to switch off the loud-as-a-jet-engine air conditioning.

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