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4:43pm on Tuesday, 10th November, 2015:



This is what passed for game modding back in the pre-computer days:

That's a map for the game Railway Rivals, which was accepted into the RR canon by the game's inventor, Dave Watts. I've kept this map for two reasons.

Firstly, I won this particular playing of the game! I was orange, starting in Cordoba. I think this was probably the last occasion I played RR, although it was one of those games I was actually quite good at.

Secondly, the reason I won this particular playing of the game was that this was my map. It says 1985 on the copyright, but that was just this particular printing. I made it almost a decade earlier. The rules I introduced to abstract out France and Portugal were quite innovative, although if I were to do it again I'd probably just stick with one of them (either "any hex in the country" or "one of the black dots", but not one for France and a different one for Portugal).

I personally moved Oviedo a hex further south of where it should be and Zaragoza a hex further southeast, simply to make the map more playable. I also omitted some major cities; I think Gijon was the main one as it was too close to Oviedo, but I also took out Cuidad Real to make a gap between Toledo and Cordoba.

Never trust the maps you find in games — or indeed anything else purporting to be factual!

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