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11:51am on Sunday, 7th June, 2015:

Not so Shiny


I normally use Chrome as my browser, as it's faster than Firefox. About a week ago, though, I began to have problems with it. It would load fine, but when I closed it then the next time I tried to open it I didn't see anything. There were two chrome.exe processes running, but no window. If I killed the chrome.exe processes then the next time I opened Chrome it worked fine.

Getting rather annoyed by this, I investigated. There seems to be some suggestion that it's caused by interfacing with Google Cloud printing and Google Drive. I don't recall having set up the former, so I logged in to see if I had.

Oh. Chrome seemed to think I was my elder daughter. OK, so I create a second account for me and delete the one for her, and voila! All my bookmarks and password records evaporated!

I'm not best pleased by this, especially as the problem was nothing to do with that and Chrome still hangs if I open it having just closed it. Letting background apps run when I close the browser seems to fix it, but I don't want background apps to run when I close the browser.

This is all rather annoying.

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