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2:34pm on Friday, 6th November, 2015:



When the council repaired our road surface a couple of weeks ago, they did it by covering the entire surface with a two-inch layer of tarmac. Well, the entire surface except for the ironwork, obviously, as otherwise drains would be blocked, water meters would be obscured and nuclear bunkers would be inaccessible. This meant that all the ironwork on the road was now two inches lower than the road surface, making it suitable for tracked vehicles but little else.

Today, the workers returned to raise the ironwork back to surface level. They had extension kits for all the popular ironwork types, so could bring them up fairly easily. Naturally, this entailed digging out the ironwork so they could raise it, but after three or four hours of pneumatic drilling outside our house today they finished the job.

Here's the result:

The image on the left is what it was like before the work they did today; the image on the right is what it looks like now.

I'm sure the frost will be happy to get into that unsealed gap and bring us the pleasure of more potholes in coming years.

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