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1:28pm on Tuesday, 4th August, 2015:

Slowly Aging


One of my ancestors seems to have been rather coy about her age. Here's how old she said she was in the 10-yearly Census:

1841      14
1851      22
1861      32
1871      38
1881      49
1891      60

She was married in 1850 and seems to have knocked a couple of years off her age there. She was widowed in 1866 and remarried in 1868 and seems to have knocked some more years of there, too. On her 1868 marriage certificate, she gives her age as 34 when actually she was 40 (and would be 41 three months later). Even on her 1891 death certificate, her age is given as 62 instead of the 64 she actually was.

I'm sure these ancestors do this kind of thing deliberately.

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